About La Dolce Jewelry







Can you think of a more romantic moment than an engagement? The promise of love sealed with a kiss and a sparkly ring nestled on the fourth finger of your left hand?


There’s a lot of history surrounding the traditions of the ring… Some believed the Egyptians used the circle, a shape that is endless, as a symbol of eternity, worn on the left ring finger where the venus amoris (vein of love) was believed to lead directly to the heart.


Others believed that diamonds have magical powers promoting lasting love. Whatever your thoughts, no matter your age, or choice of jewelry to honor it, an engagement is a wonderfully memorable moment. For Sammy and Cecie, it was a promise uniting their love and passion for each other.


The two are creative by nature and believe that jewelry commemorates some of our most and significant moments and intimate relationships. In fact, Sammy has often surprised Cecie with a little charm or bracelet celebrating fun trips and little moments as well. Both have an eye for color and design. Their uncanny knack for selecting eye-catching jewelry, which is subtle, sophisticated and sweet, is evident in their collections. Together, Sammy and Cecie bring you La Dolce Jewelry, sweet sophistication.